Search Engine DuckDuckGo Launches Beta app For Mac

Search Engine DuckDuckGo Launches Beta app For Mac

A top search engine that pledges not to track your online activity named DuckDuckGo has launched a beta app for Mac on Tuesday.

‘Incognito mode is not only simply being replaced by the “DuckDuckGo for Mac”, but the app is also designed to be used as an everyday browser that truly protects your privacy, the company said.

The Mac beta app includes a built-in private search engine, a tracker blocker, and other features to improve browsing privacy. The app also improves security while browsing with its Smarter Encryption feature, which redirects you to the encrypted version of websites via forced HTTPS.

Because the app is in beta, you have to join a private waitlist in order to access it. Here’s a guide on how to join the waitlist from the DuckDuckGo mobile app.

1. Open the mobile app and make sure you’re using the latest version.

2. Tap Settings.

3. Tap DuckDuckGo for Desktop.

4. Tap Join the Private Waitlist. If you’re selected you’ll be notified in the app. You’ll be given an invite code and a link to a download page to be opened on your desktop or laptop.

Once you download the app, you might run into some bugs, but you can send feedback to DuckDuckGo by going to Settings in the browser app and clicking Send Feedback.

DuckDuckGo said there isn’t a timeline yet for when the Mac app will see a wider release since the app is just now in beta.

CEO Gabriel Weinberg tweeted Tuesday that a Windows app will likely be available later this year.

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