Google Fi Reduces Price of Cellular Plans To Be Affordable

Google Fi Reduces Price of Cellular Plans To Be Affordable

Google Makes its Google Fi more affordable on Friday the company said that its Google Fi mobile plans would get price drops and minor upgrades across the board.

According to a Google blog post, both of Google Fi’s monthly plans have been made affordable. The basic Simply Unlimited plan has dropped from $60 per month for one line down to $50, or for the plan with four or more lines, from $30 per line down to $20. The cap on high-speed data has been increased from 22GB to 35GB, which now includes up to 5GB for mobile Wi-Fi hotspot tethering. Calls, texts and data for contact to Canada and Mexico are now free as well.

The higher-tier Unlimited Plus plan has gotten marginally cheaper, too. Plans for a single line have dropped from $70 per month to $65, while the plan for four or more lines has dropped from $45 per line to $40. The high-speed data cap has been increased from 22GB to 50GB, and like the cheaper plan, it also now includes unlimited calls, texts and data to Canada and Mexico.

The pay-as-you-go Flexible plan’s pricing hasn’t changed, costing $17 per month per line for four lines and $10 per GB of data used, but users on this tier will get to make unlimited calls to Canada and Mexico.

Google has slowly expanded its Google Fi service since it launched in 2015, and added its cheaper Simply Unlimited plan a year ago. The tech giant’s wireless service, which relies on T-Mobile and US Cellular networks, has become an affordable alternative to bigger carriers, especially since all of its plans support 5G (so long as the device is compatible with T-Mobile’s 5G network).

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